Term Limits

One of the main problems in Washington are elected officials who either stay too long, or shouldn’t be there in the first place. Term Limits are actually now in effect. They come up in elections: every two years for the House, every six years for the Senate and every four years for President. Unfortunately many Americans are misinformed, or just don’t really care enough to investigate the candidates thoroughly enough before casting their ballots. Many others vote on looks, speech patterns, charisma or other outward nuances that leave out the real substance of a candidate; their character, their principles, their true message and just why they are really running. Therefore I would propose that the maximum term for a seat in the House of Representative should be 12 years (six terms), and a US Senate Seat should be 18 years (3 terms). The President should remain at two terms (8 years). If I’m elected to the House I will propose legislation that would also put term limits on the Supreme Court. I don’t believe anyone in our federal government should serve for life, especially in its current state.