Sanctity of Life

I believe that life begins at conception and I will oppose any legislation that doesn’t support the pro-life agenda. I will also fight to repeal Obamacare and any attempt at federal funding for abortion. I will also fight all legislation that tries to force Physicians and any other health care facility or employee to participate in any abortion procedure that goes against their moral or religious objections. I will also oppose any abortion funding be paid to foreign governments or foreign entities. I will also oppose any legislation that promotes, “Born Alive Infanticide” or Partial-Birth Abortion which is favored by the left and was also endorsed by President Obama when he served as an Illinois State Senator. Besides my stand as a pro-life Candidate I also believe that the life of the fetus is protected by the inalienable “Natural Rights’ which God has endowed us with and that “Life” is a part of those rights, and the main function of our Government is to protect those rights.