Better Healthcare Solutions

I very strongly support the total repeal and defunding of Obamacare. Immediate improvements to our healthcare system could be brought about allowing competition and free market ideas to bring us better solutions. By reigning in unscrupulous lawyers and frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits fees would immediately and necessarily go down. The FDA is awash with new regulations, which hamper new drug creation and existing products, and creates a crisis environment which is dictated by governmental misdirection, neglect and lack of a rational direction. Drug companies are unwilling to compete and innovate because of the hostile environment with the FDA, to prove the point; there have been over 6000 new regulations this year alone. There are more drug shortages and they are increasing rapidly. The drug shortages that are currently plaguing the pharmaceutical marketplace now more than ever before are all because of excessive and nonsensical governmental interference. Health Insurance should be sold across state lines as a protest against their own State’s mandates, allowing for competition between states. Likewise, insurance companies should not be exempt from interstate commerce rules. We can buy other products across state lines, why not insurance? People should have flexible options on buying any plan they want, with options, just like a car or a cell phone. Since group plans are not taxed to individuals it’s only fair that those who would buy on the open market should receive a comparable tax break. With states competing, a national market could be created, and with it a large and diverse risk pool for the insurers would develop, leading to lower rates. The link between the Insurance Companies and Washington should be severed, as well as the Pharmaceutical Companies enjoying any inside governmental advantage. Let’s keep them as separate and equal participants in the arena of free market enterprise and that will automatically drive medical care prices lower. The complete sharing of medical information between physicians and pharmacies would also streamline efficiency and cut down on medical fraud and drug abuse, and lower patient costs at the same time.