Better Education

Our heavily unionized education system locally and nationally is appalling, self serving and dysfunctional. The first step is to get Washington out of our classrooms. We need to either abolish the Department of Education or turn it into a minor agency controlled by the States.

Education should be a local issue with a lot more parental involvement. Parents and local school boards should run the show and the power of the teachers unions should be minimized. Under current conditions tenure, forced equality and achievement tests to qualify for Federal funds seem to be more important than actual positive educational results.

Teachers pay and tenure should be all about classroom success, not Teacher’s rights and infallibility. Good teachers should be rewarded and bad teachers, who are now protected by this corrupt system, should be weeded out.

School choice should be our #1 avenue to restore educational success in America. Charter Schools, School Voucher Programs, homeschooling and competition between schools would have a tremendous effect on our education system. Parents and students shouldn’t be trapped into this bad school monopoly where there is no exit. School choices should be public, charter, private, religious and even for profit schools. Let’s let free enterprise and entrepreneurship revitalize our education system.

At the same let’s promote and teach forgotten virtues like merit, morals, religion, free thought, with a renewed emphasis on US History, our founding documents and the ideals of Western civilization. We should also examine the sucess of other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong who use a more common sense approach to education, namely; the most useful core curriculums, longer hours, discipline and less time between school breaks. We should also get back to basics and get back to preparing our students with more trade schools. The progressive big government approach of throwing more money at the problem is getting us nowhere fast and our educational system is declining at an alarming rate. We can spend a lot less money and get great results by just employing a few common sense ideas and a change in direction. Promoting school choice, and just getting back to common sense ideals and principles that had worked in the past, before Washington bureaucrats and teachers union elitists began their experiment in the degradation of our once proud and great education system, would be a great place to start.