Issues GA 2

Georgia District 2 Issues

Job Growth and Economic Development for SW Georgia

My Campaign platform is committed to bringing lost jobs and prosperity back to District 2. Our economy has been adversely affected by unemployment and the downturn in the economy. These ideas which I will fight for will move us in the right direction:

Fight to eliminate the minimum wage to allow first time workers and the unemployed to join the workforce during this down turn.

Fight excessive taxation on small business by pushing to lower the corporate tax rate to a 12.5% flat tax, plus allowing for the 100% expensing deduction of new equipment to spur progress and manufacturing in SW Georgia. Also fight to eliminate the capital gains tax to make entrepreneurs in our District competitive with anyone. This would also bring repatriated funds back to the USA which could spur job growth here in SW Georgia.

Fight for a new interstate route that will connect Macon Georgia with Opelika, Alabama. This would extend the Savannah to Macon route and would re-route traffic in a true westerly direction joining Interstate 85 in Opelika which allow a transportation corridor straight from the port of Savanna to all points west. This would divert the current route that heads north from Macon to Atlanta and would cause a major economic boom for the northern part of District 2, helping farmers, businesses and stimulating job growth for the whole district. I also support Natural Gas as a solution for American energy independence. I believe part of this plan should also employ fleets of LNG powered 18 wheelers which would transform the trucking industry by using inexpensive, plentiful and naturally available natural gas which we have in abundance. Why not start a bold initiative to promote this new stretch of interstate as a “Natural Gas Friendly” transportation corridor that would make plans ahead of time to have the necessary infrastructure in place so that when LNG filling stations do finally come on board our new interstate will be way ahead of the game to benefit from this new industry and spur job growth in SW Georgia..

Help for the Agricultural Community

I am prepared to go to work for the Agricultural Community by fighting detrimental and excessive federal regulations and taxes that adversely affect farmers in SW Georgia. I would especially take a strong stand against the overreaching and negative regulatory influence the EPA has over farmers, ranchers and all businesses in District 2.

Fighting to repeal the Dodd-Frank Law which is killing small independent banks, crippling loans to the agricultural community and small businesses.

Fighting for the elimination of the estate tax, (Death Tax). This would provide farmers and small business owners with the increased stability, certainty, security, and peace of mind they need as they plan for a positive future.

Continue to fight for strong emergency federal disaster assistance to our Southwest Georgia farm communities, when unexpected losses caused by hurricanes, storms, excessive rainfall during harvest, and unforeseen other natural disasters occur.

We need to let farmers and ranchers tap in to the latest communication technology available by extending broadband and wireless services to rural communities that allow them to continue to remain profitable and competitive. In the process, rural economic development would also be enhanced.

Keeping energy prices low by fighting for domestic energy production.

A Better Education System for All Citizens of GA 2

School choice should be our #1 avenue to restore educational success in America. Charter Schools, School Voucher Programs, homeschooling  more

Protection for the Sanctity of Life

I believe that life begins at conception and I will oppose any legislation that doesn’t support the pro-life agenda. I will also fight to repeal Obamacare and any attempt at federal funding for abortion. I will also fight all legislation that tries to force Physicians and any other health care facility or employee to participate in any abortion procedure that goes against their moral or religious objections. I will also oppose any abortion funding be paid to foreign governments or foreign entities. I will also oppose any legislation that promotes, “Born Alive Infanticide” or Partial-Birth Abortion which is favored by the left and was also endorsed by President Obama when he served as an Illinois State Senator. Besides my stand as a pro-life Candidate I also believe that the life of the fetus is protected by the inalienable “Natural Rights’ which God has endowed us with and that “Life” is a part of those rights, and the main function of our Government is to protect those rights.