We have been blessed with the opportunity to live in the greatest country that has ever existed. Because America has been free, America has been prosperous, and most of the lives of our fellow citizens have improved dramatically through the years. Until the last few years, this has been the case. Unfortunately, we currently face difficult problems in our Country, and some of the issues confronting average Americans are staggering. Do you feel America is moving in the wrong direction on almost every issue it faces? Are we about to lose the Country we grew up in? Are we becoming the kind of Country that our forefathers originally fled from? In the recent past our quality of life was not so unpredictable. Not so long ago our military veterans were respected, farmers were admired, self reliance, merit, morals and honesty were celebrated, and our children’s education was a commitment, and wasn’t treated as a political or social battlefield. Don’t our children deserve a better future, free from crushing taxes and dependency on borrowed money from China? More debt and wasteful Washington spending will leave hard pressed families with even less of their hard earned money to spend on life’s necessities. We can indeed lose our Country, if we don’t tackle the big problems in government head on very soon, or they will cause the destruction of the future that we all cherish and want to pass on to the generations who will follow.

We deserve better than the current, unacceptable state of affairs that now exists in our Nation, State and District. Let’s imagine a better future! If we could be free of Washington control and debt just think of what we could achieve. Of course the proper course of action is to take control of our irresponsible government, but the bigger message is in fact, restoring the American Dream. We are facing great challenges, but we are Americans, and this is still our Country, and patriotic Americans don’t retreat. Together we can, and we will, build a brighter future for this generation, and for those who follow.

We are supposed be governed by our consent, and our Government is established to serve the people, but now the roles are reversed. Our Government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. This must be more than political idealism; it must be our commitment to America. The government we are paying for is not worth the cost. Let’s get rid of self-serving politicians and government unions, and put the American people first. Stand with me and help us restore the values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. My Campaign will be fighting to take back America in the name of Private Property, Individual Liberty, Economic Freedom and Limited Government. I want all the citizens and families of District 2 to live, grow, thrive and enjoy all the blessings of freedom and prosperity that life has to offer- together we can get Georgia Congressional District 2 working again.

What I Believe In and What We Can Do Together For District 2

I believe in the original vision of the Founding Fathers. I believe we are endowed by our Creator, with certain unalienable rights, which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I believe these rights are God given, and no man or government can give them, or take them away. I believe in the original intent of the Constitution, and the articles and amendments enclosed in this revolutionary document should be strictly enforced and followed as the guiding principles of this nation.

I believe in American Exceptionalism. That is, that our Nation is the exception to world history, that freedom is indeed rare and scarce, and the history of man has been dominated by tyranny. But when man is really free, and has individual liberty, and given the right form of a balanced but limited government, he has proven that he can truly govern his own affairs without the interfering strong hand of a powerful elite, or an oppressive, and overbearing large central government.

I am running in this GA 2 Congressional race because I want to restore Constitutional Conservative representation to this District. This district has been represented by big government Democrat career politician Sanford Bishop for the last 20 years, who is the epitome of a Washington insider. He has continually voted for liberal, detrimental legislation and has endorsed a big government entitlement philosophy that has increasingly disenfranchised his constituents. With just enough benefits, thrown at wildly disparate groups, he has hung on term by term, by pleasing just the right people, while ignoring the ambitions, opportunities, and prosperity of the majority of his constituents. With his embrace of the Obama Administration’s vision of an apologetic, post American World which has brought us ever expanding federal government along with progressive utopian welfare state policies, he seeks to appease his constituents with entitlements that are taken out of an increasingly shrinking pie of government benefits. He has proven himself to be wholly out of touch with the majority of voters in District 2. I use the word shrinking because we are already in massive debt, and these entitlement programs are only available because of excessive deficit borrowing. Sanford Bishop’s policies, like Obama’s are only intended for the here and now, with total disregard for the negative future consequences they might foster. He seemingly has no concern, and evidently little, if any empathy, for the effect of the issues he endorses, which are in fact leading our nation into accelerating decline.

I do not share this vision of America with Sanford Bishop, Barack Obama, or the liberal elites who believe they should prod us, regulate us and enslave us, because they mistakenly believe they alone, through their misguided belief in central government planning, believe they can know our every needs and want, better than we do. I believe we are still a great nation, and though facing difficult times, with the proper change in direction, and the right policies, this Country can still get back on course. I believe America has been an ultimate source of good in a world of tyranny, and through the principles of our democratic Republic and free market capitalism we have brought the greatest benefits of freedom and prosperity to more people than at any time in recorded history. Our Country is currently in economic decline because of the big spending policies of the Obama Administration, along with the many years of that we as a nation have disregarded fundamental conservative principles that have kept our nation strong, such as; limited government, individualism, self reliance, and respect for the Constitution.

Our moral decline as a nation has allowed the culture of waste and dishonesty that now embodies the Federal Government and has led to the current inept and irrational fiscal policies that Washington now promotes and implements. 30% of all the debt held in the last 240 years of our Nation’s history has been added in the last three years and 40 cents of every dollar our Federal Government spends is borrowed. This is a prescription for national suicide. President Obama has actually increased the debt more than all his predecessors combined. Barrack Obama, and likewise Sanford Bishop, are certainly not alone in this respect, and we as a nation are really the reason for the corrupt and toxic political environment that has resulted in this bloated federal bureaucratic monstrosity in Washington DC that is leading us to national decline and total economic collapse. Generations of Americans, ourselves included, have allowed this to grow out of control, and it will end the American dream of freedom as we know it, and will deny the aspirations of future generations, if we as patriotic citizens, don’t stand up and stop it in its tracks, before we run out of time.

Fortunately, it’s not too late if we act quickly and responsibly to restore economic sanity and take steps to begin to regain our individual liberty as citizens of this great country. I hope you will join with me to stand for District 2 and fight together on the following issues:

Balance the federal budget — repeal Obamacare and Dodd-Frank — fight against the failed policies of tax, spend, borrow and print — fight for spending cuts to reduce the deficit — stop illegal immigration and enforce the border — say no to trillion dollar deficits — fight for free markets and oppose crony capitalism — stand for a strong dollar and the restoration of sound money — retain a strong national defense and oppose wasteful defense spending — fight for American energy independence —fight to retain strong 2nd Amendment rights — restore sound, first class locally controlled education policies to our schools by keeping Washington out of our classrooms, emphasizing morals, US History, and getting back to discipline, merit, and the basics — oppose UN mandates and globalism when they oppose our sovereignty and national security interests — “9-9-9″ Pro-Growth Tax Plan, and the Fair Tax with the elimination of the current tax code and the IRS — a strong stand on the sanctity of life and the free, unopposed practice of religion in the public square, as promised in Article 1, of the US Constitution — not impose, but educate and emphasize the importance of morals, and the family to the future success of our country — and a renewed commitment to individual liberty to all Americans, through limited, decentralized government.

If we can start to make these changes on the national level, we can expect a brighter future and the increased possibility of prosperity for all the citizens of District 2. If elected I will fight on the national level to restore our nations greatness through common sense fiscal policies, and time honored conservative principles that have made our country the greatest in all civilization. We can use these same principles to bring jobs, new businesses, and increase the opportunity for all citizens of District 2 to enjoy a better quality of life and reclaim the American dream. I also want the voters of District 2 to know that I am not a career politician, but just a passionate, concerned citizen just like you, who is very concerned about the direction of this country, and wants to be your voice and representation in Washington. Just like you, I’m tired of politicians who say one thing, and do another once elected. I believe we must fight to save our freedom, because it’s rare, and fleeting, and can be lost in a generation if we are not careful. I don’t want to be part of the generation that didn’t care enough to fight for freedom when our nation was in peril. I also don’t intend to sit by complacently and see the America’s light of freedom go out forever, because I believe we are still the last great hope for mankind, that shining city on the hill, and I hope you feel the same way. As former President Ronald Reagan once said,” If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” In the Preamble of the Constitution of The United States, the word “posterity” is included. I believe this is in essence the core of the American dream-that we in fact owe the blessings of freedom to not only ourselves, but to the future generation of Americans who will follow us, as well as those who came before us and paid the price of the ultimate sacrifice, to insure our liberty and sustain our freedom.

President of Vita-Rx Corporation for over 33 years, Graduate of UGA, Rick has two Daughters, and two Grandchildren, Member of: Wynnbrook Baptist Church, Muscogee County Republican Party, Muscogee County Conservative Party, Columbus GA Tea Party, Albany Area Tea Patriots, Chattahoochee Valley United For Life, Activist and Volunteer for: Act for America, FreedomWorks, and Citizen Initiatives.

“I would appreciate your support in my campaign and your vote in the Republican Primary on July, 3 1, 2012. I hope you will join with me to fight for freedom, for a strong America, and for Georgia’s Congressional District 2.”

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