The Rick Allen GA 2 Campaign is very happy to accept these recent endorsements from Georgia State Representatives Ed Rynders, Jay Powell and Robert Dickey along with Georgia State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens. We also have an endorsement from Adam Ross of “The Adam Ross Show” and Kathy Hildebrand who was the Georgia State Coordinator for the Rick Santorum Campaign. Former GA 2 Congressional Candidate Lee Ferrell had previously endorsed the Allen Campaign along with Sandy Toth, leader of the Columbus Tea Party.


Rick Allen, Constitutional Conservative candidate running for the Republican nomination to defeat Sanford Bishop in the Fall election, announces that Ken DeLoach, who was one of the other two candidates competing against Rick Allen for the Republican nomination, has endorsed Rick for the nomination against John House in the August 21 runoff. Rick and Ken share the same ideas about the problems facing our district and the insidious role that Sanford Bishop has played by supporting every program submitted by the current radical left-wing administration.

From Ken’s campaign:

DeLoach Endorses Allen in GA-2 Congressional

I congratulate both Rick Allen and John House for running strong, clean campaigns for Georgia’s GOP nomination in the Second Congressional District. I have been in the presence of Rick and John many times during the campaign and I will proudly support the eventual Republican nominee in this district.

There can; however, only be one Republican Congressional nominee in the district. After reviewing both candidates and their positions, I heartily endorse Rick Allen for the Republican nomination. Mr. Allen’s positions are nearly identical to mine and I am confident that those positions are heartfelt and strongly held.

Rick is a strong, pro-constitution conservative who has an in-depth understanding of the US Constitution and why our individual rights must be preserved. I am confident that Rick Allen will make a fine US Representative in Georgia’s Second Congressional District. He will go to Washington, not to conform to the prevailing atmosphere, but to reform Washington to the vision set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Sanford Bishop is vulnerable this year. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Allen because after 20 years, Southwest Georgia deserves a voice in our government.

For God and country,

Ken DeLoach


As a Congressional Candidate I am very much opposed to the proposed Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). It is a UN sponsored treaty based on the “New International Economic Order,” a set of economic principles setting the stage for the redistribution of wealth on a worldwide level. The LOST Treaty calls for technology transf…ers and wealth transfers from developed to undeveloped nations. A portion of the income gained by US Oil Companies by offshore drilling of our coast would be given to foreign nations as a result of this treaty. President Ronald Reagan rejected it because it violated core American principles such as economic liberty and free enterprise. I am also against it because it is irrational, weakens our economy and national security, furthers the decline of our sovereignty as a free nation and moves us even closer into the “New World Order.”  Of course Hillary Clinton and President Obama endorse it as well as the liberal elites in the Senate who can’t wait to pass it. I hope you will join me in fighting it 100%!


I am very much opposed to the NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act), signed into law on 12-31-11, and the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, which was issued by President Obama on 3-16-12. The NDAA can void the writ of habeas corpus- an Anglo-American common law that predates the Magna Carta – …and also the Sixth Amendment, (right to counsel) by the command of the President. President Obama has promised he will not use this military power in an unauthorized fashion, but his personal guarantee is all that stands between ordinary American Citizens being detained without due process and thrown into prison on arbitrary charges of aggression against their Country. The latest executive order on 3-16-12 allows the government to confiscate your property without due process under the direction of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. If elected as your Congressional Representative for Georgia 2, I will fight to repeal the NDAA Act and will fight to aggressively overturn the executive order because I believe both are major violations of our basic Constitutional liberties and freedoms that our Government has sworn to uphold and protect.


‘Army of Davids’ Grows by Three

A Trio of New Candidates Adopts 9-9-9; Pledge to Take on Goliath

For Immediate Release, March 23, 2012

(Atlanta) Businessman and former presidential frontrunner Herman Cain is proud to announce a trio of candidates for U.S. office have formally adopted his9-9-9 Economic Recovery and Jobs Program.

Steve Foley is running for Congress in California’s 47th district – an open seat.

In Georgia, Rick Allen is seeking the office of U.S. Representative in the 2nd district, the southwest corner of the state.

They are joined by Zach Poskevich whose ambition is to be the next United States Senator from Tennessee.

All three Republican candidates are drawn to the bold, solution-based ideas behind 9-9-9.

Cain praised the trio for their bold positions.

“While many candidates stand on the sidelines waiting for advisers and polling to tell them which direction to go, these candidates have demonstrated they are willing to take the lead and do what’s right,” Cain said. “They understand that in order to fix a problem, you need to be unafraid to start from scratch. That’s what 9-9-9 does – gets rid of the current disaster that is our federal tax code and starts from scratch.”

Cain looks forward to these candidates taking on the ‘Goliath’ that our federal government has become, and encourages others to step forward to do their part.

The number of candidates for federal office in 2012 who have adopted the ’9-9-9′ Economic Recovery and Jobs Program and pledged to enact it into law now stands at 31.

Candidate commitments to 9-9-9 are a part of the much broader Cain’s Solutions Revolution. To learn more, including the April 16, 2012 event “Revolution on the Hill”, please visit the website here.


We need your immediate help to defeat Sanford Bishop and fight the financial insanity in Washington. We are trying to meet our end of March goals that will allow us to run a strong race and restore Constitutional Principles to District 2! Please go to our website at to make an online donation using Pay Pal, or you can use any major credit card. You can also send your donation to PO Box 8584, Columbus, GA 31908. Any amount will be greatly appreciated! Please send your donation today and join my campaign to make a positive difference in taking District 2 back to Conservative Values and Economic Prosperity. We need your help now! Thank You!


We who are gun rights and Second Amendment advocates have looked at this from a pure legislative angle, but there are other insidious ways that actions could be taken, which could begin to erode and take away these rights without even touching the Constitution. The EPA is trying to use the environmental platform to ban lead bullets, by linking it to le…ad toxicity, and making the case that it is hazardous to wildlife and the environment. By just reclassifying lead they could instantly change the game in their direction. Do you remember Carbon Dioxide? In other words you could have your gun, but the ammo for your gun might be too expensive, ineffective, or even unavailable-take your pick! Then you have the UN Small Arms Treaty which could instantly supersede your 2nd Amendment rights. Supposedly, few think it would be ratified by the Senate, but would you really even want to take this chance and have this actually be voted on, especially with the current makeup of the Senate, as well as our own two Georgia Senators! The real stealth threat to civilian gun ownership and, thus, your liberty, comes from a U.N. initiative called the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). This will involve all aspects of the manufacturing process, from production and all the way to the end user, including universal gun registration. In other words, national, as well as worldwide gun confiscation would be possible, if this takes effect. Remember most of the world has either lost freedom, or has never found it. As Americans, we still know freedom, so let’s make a commitment to ourselves, to always keep on fighting for it, while we still have the capacity and the will, no matter what obstacles might stand in our way. Why give something something up that is this precious, without a fight? I believe our Constitution takes precedence over all UN, and other global dictates and initiatives, and we don’t need to apologize or bow down to any foreign nation. At this moment, your basic freedoms and inalienable rights, are being assaulted by your own federal government with these mandates and events: Obamacare, (your Life), the purposeful destruction of our economy (your Pursuit of Happiness), and the 2nd Amendment, (your Liberty).  If I am elected you will find a strong gun rights ally and advocate, who does understand the high cost of freedom, and who will continually fight to protect your Second Amendment Rights.


Part of my Congressional Platform will be to push and fight for complete American Energy Independence which will help sustain American economic prosperity, freedom and our national security, as well as improve the economic prospects of everyone in the 2nd District by providing lower energy costs. Unfortunately, we are fighting a wall of deceptive misinformation put out by the Obama Administration…. Obama says America has 2% of the world’s proven oil reserves. The truth is that estimates tell us that we have at least 60 times this total! Besides all the other recent finds, one area in Wyoming has 800 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil shale, which is more than triple the known reserves of Saudi Arabia. Including all the crude that’s recoverable via existing drilling methods, we have more than 400 billion barrels available, according to a 2006 Energy Dept report. When you add recoverable oil shale, you’re talking about 1.4 trillion barrels, which is enough to meet all US energy needs for the next 200 years, without importing a drop. Of course the problem is that oil producers are denied access, and face excessive and restrictive governmental regulations that make it almost impossible for us to unlock the unlimited energy potential that we as a nation have under our feet. As one pro-energy official has stated, “This is not a geological problem – it’s a political problem. If Obama and his cronies would just get out of the way we could achieve our energy goals. He has recently made fun of “flat earth conservatives,” but it is in fact he, and his green energy algae buddies who are driving the “Edsel” down the energy turnpike to nowhere.


In another case of coincidence and unrelated associations of President Obama we find another friend of his, US Congressman Danny Davis of Illinois. Rep Davis accepted a social justice award from the Peoples World, an online news outlet that has “a special relationship with the Communist Party USA.” It has a stated online agenda of pub…licizing and endorsing the “ideas of Marxism and Bill of Rights Socialism.” Obama praised Davis in 2004 by telling a group that Davis was “one of the best congressmen in the country” and that “he shares our values.” Likewise, Davis introduced Obama as a “friend of mine.” Davis was also the intended pick for Obama’s vacant US Senate seat until the scandal erupted and Blago appointed Roland Burris. You could say, and it was most likely true, that Davis, Obama and Blago were as thick as thieves and quite cozy which each other. By the way Rep Davis is also a member of the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Socialist of America. Our Constitutional Republic cannot prosper with people like Rep Davis holding high public office. The fact that President Obama is his friend and shares his values should more than raise the agitation level up a notch for any red blooded American, and of course the media doesn’t see any problem at all. If I am elected to Congress, I can assure you that these are the kinds of people, and the ideology that I will take a strong stand against. I don’t believe there is any provision in the Constitution allowing for Marxists and Socialists to “radically transform” our form of government without the consent of the people. This is a very important election and we must constantly remind ourselves that Freedom is not “Free,” and we have to constantly fight for it.