Rick Allen was born in Columbus, GA. Rick’s Grandfather owned several successful grocery stores in Columbus and Rick’s father worked in the family grocery business when Rick was very young. When Rick was around 4 years old his father moved the family to the Greater Miami, Florida area. Rick attended school in Hialeah, Florida and later graduated from Hialeah High School. His father became a successful salesman for a large Wholesale Drug Company and called on drug stores from Hollywood to West Palm Beach. Rick’s mother became an Elementary Schoolteacher in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Rick attended Miami-Dade Junior College and was involved in the ROTC program at the University of Miami. Rick enjoyed the many outdoor activities in South Florida, primarily hunting and fishing, and spent many hours in the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

After Miami-Dade, Rick attended the University of Georgia, and graduated from Georgia with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, with a minor in Advertising. After college, Rick worked for the Marietta Daily Journal Newspaper for two years. After this, Rick teamed up with his father and started working for Goldline Laboratories, out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, selling Generic Drugs to independent pharmacies in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Because generic drugs were now available for the first time, it was an exciting and rewarding time to be involved in this new industry. Because of their successful outside sales career Rick and his Father decided to start Vita-Rx Corporation in Columbus in 1978 as a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler to sell Generic Drugs and Vitamins to customers in the southeast, as well as nationwide. Rick has been President and the general manager of the company since that time. Since that time the company has added medical supplies, injections and vaccines to its product line, and its customer base now includes Physicians, Clinics and Hospitals.

Rick has always had ties to Southwest Georgia. Rick’s distant relative Henry Audulf was the original settler of Richland, Georgia. Henry Audulf, originally from Germany, came to America when he was 11 years old, and settled in Richland in 1827. There are historical markers in Richland that tell the story of the Audulf’s, (also spelled Audulph), in the Richland area. Other later relatives, most notably the Smiths, were noted preachers and ministers in that part of Georgia. Rick’s maternal Grandmother grew up in Richland and his Mother was born there.

Rick is very proud of his family and has two grown daughters Ashlea and Lindsay. Ashlea works for her father and was his Congressional Campaign Manager in 2010, and is again filling that role in his 2012 Campaign. Rick’s daughter Lindsay is a special needs adult and has suffered with Autism throughout her life. As her legal guardian, Rick has learned a lot about patience, and has a compassion for children and adults with disabilities, and is a lifelong advocate for their needs, as well as their parents. Rick also has two grandchildren, who he is very proud of.

Rick has always had an interest in history, economics, geography and politics, and is an avid reader. Rick is a Pro-Life Christian and attends Wynnbrook Baptist Church in Columbus. He believes faith is very important in our lives, and strong families and faith are cornerstones of a strong America. Rick is avid outdoorsman and loves fishing and hunting, and is a lifelong Georgia Bulldog fan.

Because Rick felt America was falling into decline, he initially joined several Tea Party groups in 2009. Feeling compelled to do more; Rick ran for U.S Congress in Georgia District 2 as a Republican in 2010 and lost in the Republican primary. Rick decided to run again, and in early December he announced his intention to run again in the District 2 race. Rick feels very passionate about the direction of his Country. He believes the founding principles of our Country as enshrined in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence need to be restored in our Government for the United States to continue to be a great nation. Rick’s campaign platform emphasizes core conservative values, such as limited government, individualism and fiscal responsibility. Rick’s Campaign is committed to bringing lost jobs and prosperity back to District 2 and is also prepared to fight for the Agricultural Community by fighting detrimental and excessive federal regulations and taxes that adversely affect farmers in SW Georgia.

Since the last campaign Rick has spent his time by joining, volunteering and becoming an activist for many various conservation political organizations in Columbus, and elsewhere, including his local Republican Party, the Muscogee County Conservative Party, and Tea Party Groups in Columbus and Albany. Rick has also taken several US Constitutional Courses and Taxation Seminars during this interim period. Because of his passion for the defense of Israel, Rick joined Christians United for Israel and He and his Daughter Ashlea, attended the CUFI national conference in Washington, in July 2011. Rick also attended Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” Event in Israel in August 2011, to show support for Israel and to have a greater understanding of the problems Israel faces in the Middle East.

Work Experience

1978 until the present – Vita-Rx Corporation, Wholesale Medical Supply and Pharmaceutical Distributor, President and General Manager

1975-1978 – Goldline Laboratories, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, outside salesperson calling on independent Drug stores in Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

1974-1975 – Marietta Daily Journal, Marietta, Georgia, Sales and Advertising

Memberships, Affiliations, and Advocacy

Wynnbrook Baptist Church, Columbus, GA, active Member

Muscogee County Republican Party, serves on the Executive Committee

Muscogee County Conservative Party, active Member

Columbus Georgia Tea Party, active Member

Albany Tea Party, (SWGA Patriots), active Member

Chattahoochee Valley United for Life, active Member and Pro-Life Activist

FreedomWorks of Columbus, GA, active Local Leader

Act for America, Columbus GA, and active Chapter Leader

Citizen Initiatives, Article V Convention Group, active Director for GA District 2

Christians United for Israel, Member

NRA, Member

GOA, Gun Owners of America, Member

Georgia Carry, Member

Frederick Douglass Republicans, Member

Hard Works Clean Hands Immigration Agenda, Member