Rick Allen, Constitutional Conservative candidate running for the Republican nomination to defeat Sanford Bishop in the Fall election, announces that Ken DeLoach, who was one of the other two candidates competing against Rick Allen for the Republican nomination, has endorsed Rick for the nomination against John House in the August 21 runoff. Rick and Ken share the same ideas about the problems facing our district and the insidious role that Sanford Bishop has played by supporting every program submitted by the current radical left-wing administration.

From Ken’s campaign:

DeLoach Endorses Allen in GA-2 Congressional

I congratulate both Rick Allen and John House for running strong, clean campaigns for Georgia’s GOP nomination in the Second Congressional District. I have been in the presence of Rick and John many times during the campaign and I will proudly support the eventual Republican nominee in this district.

There can; however, only be one Republican Congressional nominee in the district. After reviewing both candidates and their positions, I heartily endorse Rick Allen for the Republican nomination. Mr. Allen’s positions are nearly identical to mine and I am confident that those positions are heartfelt and strongly held.

Rick is a strong, pro-constitution conservative who has an in-depth understanding of the US Constitution and why our individual rights must be preserved. I am confident that Rick Allen will make a fine US Representative in Georgia’s Second Congressional District. He will go to Washington, not to conform to the prevailing atmosphere, but to reform Washington to the vision set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Sanford Bishop is vulnerable this year. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Allen because after 20 years, Southwest Georgia deserves a voice in our government.

For God and country,

Ken DeLoach