As a Congressional Candidate I am very much opposed to the proposed Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). It is a UN sponsored treaty based on the “New International Economic Order,” a set of economic principles setting the stage for the redistribution of wealth on a worldwide level. The LOST Treaty calls for technology transf…ers and wealth transfers from developed to undeveloped nations. A portion of the income gained by US Oil Companies by offshore drilling of our coast would be given to foreign nations as a result of this treaty. President Ronald Reagan rejected it because it violated core American principles such as economic liberty and free enterprise. I am also against it because it is irrational, weakens our economy and national security, furthers the decline of our sovereignty as a free nation and moves us even closer into the “New World Order.”  Of course Hillary Clinton and President Obama endorse it as well as the liberal elites in the Senate who can’t wait to pass it. I hope you will join me in fighting it 100%!