I am very much opposed to the NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act), signed into law on 12-31-11, and the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, which was issued by President Obama on 3-16-12. The NDAA can void the writ of habeas corpus- an Anglo-American common law that predates the Magna Carta – …and also the Sixth Amendment, (right to counsel) by the command of the President. President Obama has promised he will not use this military power in an unauthorized fashion, but his personal guarantee is all that stands between ordinary American Citizens being detained without due process and thrown into prison on arbitrary charges of aggression against their Country. The latest executive order on 3-16-12 allows the government to confiscate your property without due process under the direction of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. If elected as your Congressional Representative for Georgia 2, I will fight to repeal the NDAA Act and will fight to aggressively overturn the executive order because I believe both are major violations of our basic Constitutional liberties and freedoms that our Government has sworn to uphold and protect.