We who are gun rights and Second Amendment advocates have looked at this from a pure legislative angle, but there are other insidious ways that actions could be taken, which could begin to erode and take away these rights without even touching the Constitution. The EPA is trying to use the environmental platform to ban lead bullets, by linking it to le…ad toxicity, and making the case that it is hazardous to wildlife and the environment. By just reclassifying lead they could instantly change the game in their direction. Do you remember Carbon Dioxide? In other words you could have your gun, but the ammo for your gun might be too expensive, ineffective, or even unavailable-take your pick! Then you have the UN Small Arms Treaty which could instantly supersede your 2nd Amendment rights. Supposedly, few think it would be ratified by the Senate, but would you really even want to take this chance and have this actually be voted on, especially with the current makeup of the Senate, as well as our own two Georgia Senators! The real stealth threat to civilian gun ownership and, thus, your liberty, comes from a U.N. initiative called the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS). This will involve all aspects of the manufacturing process, from production and all the way to the end user, including universal gun registration. In other words, national, as well as worldwide gun confiscation would be possible, if this takes effect. Remember most of the world has either lost freedom, or has never found it. As Americans, we still know freedom, so let’s make a commitment to ourselves, to always keep on fighting for it, while we still have the capacity and the will, no matter what obstacles might stand in our way. Why give something something up that is this precious, without a fight? I believe our Constitution takes precedence over all UN, and other global dictates and initiatives, and we don’t need to apologize or bow down to any foreign nation. At this moment, your basic freedoms and inalienable rights, are being assaulted by your own federal government with these mandates and events: Obamacare, (your Life), the purposeful destruction of our economy (your Pursuit of Happiness), and the 2nd Amendment, (your Liberty).  If I am elected you will find a strong gun rights ally and advocate, who does understand the high cost of freedom, and who will continually fight to protect your Second Amendment Rights.