Part of my Congressional Platform will be to push and fight for complete American Energy Independence which will help sustain American economic prosperity, freedom and our national security, as well as improve the economic prospects of everyone in the 2nd District by providing lower energy costs. Unfortunately, we are fighting a wall of deceptive misinformation put out by the Obama Administration…. Obama says America has 2% of the world’s proven oil reserves. The truth is that estimates tell us that we have at least 60 times this total! Besides all the other recent finds, one area in Wyoming has 800 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil shale, which is more than triple the known reserves of Saudi Arabia. Including all the crude that’s recoverable via existing drilling methods, we have more than 400 billion barrels available, according to a 2006 Energy Dept report. When you add recoverable oil shale, you’re talking about 1.4 trillion barrels, which is enough to meet all US energy needs for the next 200 years, without importing a drop. Of course the problem is that oil producers are denied access, and face excessive and restrictive governmental regulations that make it almost impossible for us to unlock the unlimited energy potential that we as a nation have under our feet. As one pro-energy official has stated, “This is not a geological problem – it’s a political problem. If Obama and his cronies would just get out of the way we could achieve our energy goals. He has recently made fun of “flat earth conservatives,” but it is in fact he, and his green energy algae buddies who are driving the “Edsel” down the energy turnpike to nowhere.