In another case of coincidence and unrelated associations of President Obama we find another friend of his, US Congressman Danny Davis of Illinois. Rep Davis accepted a social justice award from the Peoples World, an online news outlet that has “a special relationship with the Communist Party USA.” It has a stated online agenda of pub…licizing and endorsing the “ideas of Marxism and Bill of Rights Socialism.” Obama praised Davis in 2004 by telling a group that Davis was “one of the best congressmen in the country” and that “he shares our values.” Likewise, Davis introduced Obama as a “friend of mine.” Davis was also the intended pick for Obama’s vacant US Senate seat until the scandal erupted and Blago appointed Roland Burris. You could say, and it was most likely true, that Davis, Obama and Blago were as thick as thieves and quite cozy which each other. By the way Rep Davis is also a member of the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Socialist of America. Our Constitutional Republic cannot prosper with people like Rep Davis holding high public office. The fact that President Obama is his friend and shares his values should more than raise the agitation level up a notch for any red blooded American, and of course the media doesn’t see any problem at all. If I am elected to Congress, I can assure you that these are the kinds of people, and the ideology that I will take a strong stand against. I don’t believe there is any provision in the Constitution allowing for Marxists and Socialists to “radically transform” our form of government without the consent of the people. This is a very important election and we must constantly remind ourselves that Freedom is not “Free,” and we have to constantly fight for it.